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Relaunch of
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Monday, 05 June 2006 has been relaunched with all new content management software! New content being added everyday.
Mesh Releases - Home

Last Updated ( Sunday, 11 June 2006 )
Mesh releases are back online
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Saturday, 10 June 2006
The mesh release section is now part of the new content management system. The meshes we're modeled in Blender but we try to release them in as many formats as we can. We'll soon be adding several new meshes to the collection so please stay tuned.
Mesh Releases Mesh Releases

Last Updated ( Sunday, 11 June 2006 )
New hit record
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Saturday, 10 June 2006 reaches 2 million hits!

Last Updated ( Sunday, 11 June 2006 )

Blender News

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  • BlenderNation is entering vacation mode!
    I'm about to leave on a 2-week vacation. I will try hard to avoid any contact with computers during that time :) Don't worry though, I have pre-programmed a lot of great stories for you and the awesome Chris Plush (Blengine) is going to keep an eye on things here. If you care to sponsor a [...]
  • Game engine: FPS Mouselook script and realtime text
    Check out this new CG Masters tutorial on using a mouselook script in the BGE for FPS controls. Plus learn how to add real text in the game engine (not bitmap fonts), use Python to word wrap long strings into multiple lines, change the font resolution, and learn how to change the text in game. [...]
  • Demo Reel: Oscar Paz
    Check out Oscar Paz' work. Oscar Paz writes: My name is Oscar Paz, i'm from Mexico City, i've been working with Blender as a primary tool since 7 years ago, i have been part of very interesting projects of mapping and 3D. i havent had time before to collect some of that projects into a [...]
  • Gooseberry pilot kick-off ? first day
    Gooseberry is now in full swing, the story team has arrived and has begun filling a new office with their ideas. This morning the story team arrived for the kick-off. I?ve temporary rented an empty unit from our neighbors, this office has long walls that can be filled entirely with storyboards and concept art. A [...]
  • Interview: Tamito Kajiyama from Freestyle
    Gottfried Hofmann interviewed Freestyle's Tamito Kajiyama. Tamito Kajiyama is the developer who has worked on the integration of Freestyle into Blender for the longest period of time. Since 2009 he is the maintainer of the project. In this interview, he talks about the history and hurdles of the Freestyle integration development and how motivating it is [...]
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