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Wednesday, 07 June 2006
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 07 June 2006 )

Blender News

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  • Introduction to Cycles Baking
    Did 'the Horror of Cycles Baking' teaser freak you out? Now you can make your own version with this tutorial by Blender Guru. In this tutorial you?ll discover: The basics of baking and how to get started in minutes How to bake textured objects How to use baking for specific purposes like caustics What is Baking? [...]
  • Video: Atomic boy
    Pokedstudio's Jonathan Ball at his best in a bright, crazy world. ...a robot boy gets all the power he needs from atomic bars.... created with Blender Cycles, mostly using toon shaders. Mixed up in After Effects .
  • Industrial loft
    A beautiful set of industrial architecture renderings by camara on BlenderArtists. After a off time of using Blender, a new personal project. Trying to get the best out of Cycles. For the full series, visit the thread on BlenderArtists.
  • Big Buck Bunny appeared on Swiss National TV
    Big Buck Bunny aired on Swiss national television earlier this week.
  • Game level texturing: Texture Atlas
    Gleb Alexandrov shows how to enhance game engine performance by collecting all texture maps in your scene into one big 'texture atlas'. He the texture atlas add-on that comes bundled with Blender. Discover how to automatically join UV maps of all models into 1 mega-UV. Why not simply join all models? Go ahead and watch [...]
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